Tomato Router Guide

Tomato Router Guide

270+ Pages of Tomato Router Mastery

  • This high-quality manual includes . . .
  • Over 150 screenshots and illustrations
  • Over 60 professionally designed diagrams
  • Step-by-step instructions on the hottest topics
  • Easy navigation with clickable table-of-contents
  • Fast access to troubleshooting and resources
  • PDF format (open on any device, even mobile)
  • Nicely formatted for easy reading
  • Immediate Download


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Tomato Firmware Videos

Tomato Firmware Videos

30 Day Video Pass + PDF Guide Download

  • These Premium Quality videos include . . .
  • Detailed “over-the-shoulder” video presentations
  • Broadcast quality audio (in American English)
  • Recorded at 1280 x 720p for full screen viewing
  • Short and digestible (just watch, then do it yourself)
  • Created exclusively for Tomato powered networks
  • A “must have” resource for network newbies
  • Save Time. Save Money. Learn Fast.
  • BONUS: 290+ Page Tomato Router Guide Included!
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Great Value.

Tomato router guide in PDF format

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Quality Videos.

Tomato firmware video tutorials

Learn More, Faster.

You’ll learn some cool, geeky stuff.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question:What skill level was this designed for?

Answer: Our material was designed primarily for beginners and intermediate skill levels. But we also cover some advanced topics too. So whether you are a complete newbie or just need a little help, our videos are only a click away. We keep “command line” stuff to a minimum so you don’t need to be a linux genius.

Question: How much does Tomato firmware cost?

Answer: Tomato firmware is free to use and modify under the (GNU) General Public License. So if you already have a compatible router, it won’t cost you anything to install (other than a few minutes of your time).

Question: Can I print pages from the guide?

Answer: Yes, of course. We don’t believe in holding you “hostage” by enforcing our copyright so strictly that it becomes an inconvenience to you. Heck, print the whole thing if you want to. Just don’t try to republish it or we’ll sick our lawyers on you, cool?

Question: Will you ship anything to me?

Answer: No. You get access to everything from the members area. In fact, after your purchase, you’ll be logged into the members area automatically –no waiting, no checking your email, no messing around. You pay and BAM! You’re logged in.

Question: What type of support is included?

Answer: Troubleshooting and technical support is not included. Please remember that you are buying a product. And that “product” does not include: email and telephone support, troubleshooting assistance, consulting, or endless hours of free advice, etc. However, if you experience problems downloading or accessing the “product” that you paid for, we’ll work hard to resolve the issue for you.


There is a better way to learn Tomato.



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Refund Policy: Please Read

We stand behind our product 100%. And we understand that it may not work for everyone, all of the time. But we must also protect ourselves from fraud and “chronic” refunders –people who buy and download our stuff with the full intention of asking for a refund.


So, here’s the scoop: WE HAVE A NO REFUND POLICY. And we don’t make exceptions for anyone, –ever. So please don’t ask for a refund or we’ll make fun of you, –publicly, like on facebook or something (ok, we wouldn’t really do that but you get the point). 🙂


HERE’S WHY: Refunds take time to investigate, approve, and process –which costs money. The result? Honest people like yourself end up paying a lot more, just so that dishonest people don’t have to pay anything at all. That doesn’t seem fair does it? So you see, our policy works well. It keeps everyone honest. And best of all, it allows us to deliver extraordinary value at fair and affordable prices.


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